Thursday, September 12, 2013

2013 National Barrow Show Hampshire Sale Results

National Barrow Show
Austin, Minn. • Sept. 7-11

Hampshire Sale
Auctioneer: Kevin Wendt, Ohio
11 Boars • Average $1,670.45
25 Gilts • Average $1,226
Hampshire Sale Total = $49,025

Premier Sire
Owned by Top Cut Genetics, Farmland, Ind.
Reserve Premier Sire
JL1 HE'S BACK 10-7
Owned by Cain Super Sires, Chariton, Iowa and Joe Lancaster, Ada, Okla.

The Hampshire Hog College Boar driven by Delaney Young of Agency, Mo. was the high-selling Hampshire boar at the 2013 National Barrow Show. Shaffer's Goldrush, Albany, Ind., purchased the boar for $6,500.
The Champion Hampshire gilt at the 2013 National Barrow Show was also the top seller in the Hampshire gilt sale. This gilt was driven by H&H Hampshires, Greenfield, Ohio, and purchased by McBride Hamps of Gilson, Ill. for $5,400.

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