Saturday, July 6, 2013

NSR Summer Type Conference Hampshire Sale Results

NSR Summer Type Conference
Louisville, Ky. • July 1-6

Hampshire Sale  
Auctioneer: Kevin Wendt, Ohio
12 Boars • Average $6,445
30 Gilts • Average $3,337
Hampshire Total = $178,675

Premier Sire
BOLN1 Point Maker 118-3
Owned by Hi Point Genetics, Ill.

Reserve Premier Sire
CDO0 Point Taken 257-3
Owned by Swine Genetics International, Iowa

Winmor Farms sold their Champion Pivot Point son to Lean Value Sires in Ohio for $61,000.

Cody Wolf's Grand Champion Open Show Gilt sells for $18,000 to Heimer Hampshires. Her maternal sister was generously donated by Heimer Hampshires as the 2013 NJSA Foundation Female. She sold to Small Town Genetics for $10,500. Thanks to all the firms involved!

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