Saturday, March 2, 2013

NSR Southwest Type Conference Landrace Sale Results

NSR Southwest Conference
Belton, Texas • Feb. 28-March 2

Landrace Sale
Auctioneer: Dave Mullins, Ind.
1 Boars • Average $1,600
9 Gilts • Average $381
Landrace Sale Total = $5,025

Premier Sire
Owned by McGrew Showpigs, Good Hope, Ill.

Reserve Premier Sire
1CR1 MARCO 208-6
Owned by Cedar Ridge Farms, Inc., Red Bud, Ill.

The Champion Landrace Boar shown by Korb Farms sold to McGrew Showpigs and Russell Whewell both of Illinois for $1,600.

4T Farms of Forestburg, Texas, purchased Russell Whewell's Champion Landrace Gilt for $400.

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